How our pricing policy works.

We understand that not everybody in Los Angeles is wealthy and can afford to have a personal driver 24/7. We do feel, however, that we should price our vehicles in such a way so that anyone can afford to have a driver for just an evening! Los Angeles is hard working and they deserve to be able to relax and enjoy being around town to and from their favorite destination.

Even though our prices are incredibly low don't let that cause doubt in your mind. We're not a "cheap" company. We're an "affordable" one. The difference between being cheap and affordable is great and our company strives to make that line even wider. So if you're in need of limo bus service in Los Angeles then contact us today.

The information that we need to know is the date, time, and the number of people that you need to provide transportation for. Once we have that information we'll be able to give you a very accurate quote in which you can use to shop around, tell your friends, or if you're very happy, you can use to book right on the spot. Whatever your choice is, we support you as a way of saying thank you for supporting Limo Bus Los Angeles.Learn more about us.

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